Kam Franklin  2023 Texas Creators Summit
Kam Franklin performs at the Creators Summit

Photo: Sasha Haagensen/Getty Images for The Recording Academy


Revisit The 2023 Texas Chapter's Creators Summit: Discussions, Performances & More

At the Texas Chapter's annual event, voting and professional members of the Recording Academy engaged with industry colleagues, networked, and enjoyed music from Chapter members.

Recording Academy/Nov 17, 2023 - 04:43 pm

On Oct. 17, the Recording Academy’s Texas Chapter gathered over 150 music professionals for its annual Creators Summit —  a chance to network and gain educational expertise. The event was held during the first round voting period for the 2024 GRAMMYs. 

Produced in partnership with the Producers & Engineers and Songwriters & Composers wings of the Academy, and held at the beautiful Studios at Fischer, the Creators Summit revolved around two panels. At each, attendees gained insight from fellow industry members, and experienced intimate moments within an on-site studio and various performances. 

The first panel, "Best Practices and Resources for Songwriters," was an hour-long conversation with composer Rodney Alejandro, publishing executive Carlos Alvarez, singer Lisa Morales, and entertainment lawyer Gwendolyn Seale. The group explored the varied challenges creatives often face, and shared the resources they have within the industry — including those provided by the Recording Academy. 

The second panel, "In-Studio Sessions," was held in the neighboring FireFly Sound Studio. GRAMMY-winning producer and engineer Tom Lord-Alge and mastering and restoration engineer Anna Frick provided insight into their careers, including Lord-Alge's experience working with Fall Out Boy and blink-182. Lord-Alge also shared insight into how he gains inspiration. 

"Inspiration can come in many different forms. Inspiration can come from a kiss from my wife. Inspiration can come from walking outside the studio to look at the sky," Lord-Alge said. "You just have to be open to find it." 

One studio over, Frick, also shared her experiences. Frick detailed the differences between working on GRAMMY-winning albums and restoration projects she has taken on for Curtis McMurtry, LVDY and Dave Bruzza.

Following some Get Out The Vote photo opps to encourage members to fill out their polls for the first round of GRAMMY voting, Both Frick and Lord-Alge discussed various production styles, systems and new technologies, connecting these tools back to their extensive catalog of musical contributions. 

The "Behind The Song" portion of the day featured six different artists performing an original song, then sharing their songwriting process with S&C Wing Chair Rodney Alejanadro and Texas Chapter President Taylor Hanson. The performances varied in style and genre; one artist performed a cheerful children’s song, while another debuted a soulful ballad featuring introspective lyrics.

Additional live performances were another highlight of the Creator Summit. Texas-based artists Del Castillo, Hot Toast Music Company, Kam Franklin, Paxton Smith, Primo the Alien and West Texas Exiles took to the stage to wow attendees. 

As the day concluded, the guests reflected on the events and shared final thoughts. Alejandro reflected on the connections made via a shared passion for music.

"The Creators Summit was a great way to engage with industry colleagues, gain knowledge, share experiences, and build a network that can help to elevate any creator’s hustle," Alejandro said. "No matter what level you are, there is always someone to meet that can be instrumental in the next stage of your career." 

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