About Program - GrammyU

Connecting college students with the industry's brightest and most talented minds, GRAMMY U provides aspiring professionals with the tools and opportunities necessary to start a career in music. Throughout each semester, events and special programs touch on all facets of the industry, including the business, technology, and the creative process. As part of the Recording Academy's mission to ensure the recorded arts remain a thriving part of our shared cultural heritage, GRAMMY U establishes the necessary foundation so that music's next generation flourishes.

The GRAMMY U Program is managed nationally by Jessie Allen and employs a team of students across the country called GRAMMY U Representatives. All GRAMMY U members are affiliated with the Recording Academy Chapter closest to their educational institution, and the local GRAMMY U Representative serves as the voice of the members in the area. For information about GRAMMY U where you live, contact your GRAMMY U Representative below.

Director, GRAMMY U: Jessie Allen

GRAMMY U Representatives

Atlanta: grammyu.atlanta@recordingacademy.com ​
Chicago: grammyu.chicago@recordingacademy.com ​
Florida: grammyu.florida@recordingacademy.com ​
Los Angeles: grammyu.la@recordingacademy.com
Memphis: grammyu.memphis@recordingacademy.com ​
Nashville: grammyu.nashville@recordingacademy.com 
New Orleans: grammyu.nola@recordingacademy.com
New York: grammyu.ny@recordingacademy.com ​
Philadelphia: grammyu.philly@recordingacademy.com
Pacific Northwest: grammyu.pnw@recordingacademy.com
San Francisco: grammyu.sf@recordingacademy.com
Texas: grammyu.texas@recordingacademy.com ​
Washington, D.C.: grammyu.dc@recordingacademy.com

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