Welcome to GRAMMY U, where the emerging music community connects with the brightest minds in the music industry. We provide aspiring professionals with the tools and opportunities needed to launch their careers in music. Our events and programs cover all aspects of the industry, from business and networking to technology and the creative process. As a vital part of the Recording Academy’s mission, GRAMMY U is dedicated to fostering the next generation of music talent and ensuring a thriving cultural heritage for the recorded arts. GRAMMY U is the future of music!



Since 2006, GRAMMY U has been a leading gateway to the music industry for college students entering the music industry. Now, we're thrilled to expand eligibility to all people aged 18-29 actively pursuing a career in music. Embracing diverse pathways to music success, GRAMMY U aims to support and empower the entire community of emerging creatives and professionals, including those taking a non-traditional route. GRAMMY U is proud to be a part of your musical journey, right from the start.



Whether you’re a college student pursuing a degree in music or an emerging artist, engineer, or industry pro working to finetune your skills, GRAMMY U has a place for you. No matter which membership type you apply for, benefits are the same for all GRAMMY U members.


GRAMMY U membership costs $50 and lasts a total of 4 years from application acceptance.

Once the 4 years are up, members can renew their membership for $50 annually if they still meet eligibility requirements.

*After members complete their initial four-year membership, they will receive an email with instructions to apply for renewal annually. Renewal is $50/year and eligibility is based on the GRAMMY U application guidelines. Members must apply during their renewal period and maintain active member status going forward until they are no longer eligible or apply for Voting or Professional membership.*




Program Benefits

Networking Opportunities

The GRAMMY U network runs wide and deep. As a member, you’ll get to connect with your fellow young creatives and professionals, former GRAMMY U alumni, world-class artists, professionals in the field, and Recording Academy leaders. Members also get the chance to attend exciting events like the GRAMMY U Conference and invite-only GRAMMY® Week programming, where they can continue to grow their network.

Stay Connected

GRAMMY U Mentorship Program

Every year, GRAMMY U members get to pair up with Recording Academy Voting & Professionals for a 1-on-1 mentorship program. This is a first step to expanding their professional network and learning tips & tricks of the trade from the pros working on their craft 24/7.

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Attend Events Nationwide

From exclusive GRAMMY U SoundChecks® with artists to hands-on masterclasses with industry pros, GRAMMY U members get a direct behind-the-scenes look into the inner workings of the music industry.

Notable events:


  • GRAMMY U Fall Summit

  • GRAMMY U Conference

  • GRAMMY U SoundChecks®

  • Masterclasses

  • Industry Insights

  • Speed Networking

  • Meet the Board

  • Showcases

  • Networking Mixers

Professional Development

GRAMMY U offers a variety of professional development opportunities through virtual and in-person sessions, whether it’s insight from professionals in unique music careers, to activations at events across the nation. Receive additional development opportunities through mentorship, internship and job postings on our private LinkedIn and Discord communities.

GRAMMY U Mixtape

Submit your music to be featured on our GRAMMY U Mixtape monthly member playlist. Listen to the latest playlist here.

Submit Awards Proposals

Our GRAMMY U members have the exclusive opportunity to submit awards proposals for the prestigious GRAMMY Awards®.

Get Involved

  • Volunteer at various events

  • Apply to become an GRAMMY U Ambassador or a GRAMMY U Representative.

  • Get the chance to perform at showcases and contests.

Other Opportunities

  • Receive conference & festival discounts

  • Exclusive GRAMMY U contests

  • Opportunities to join behind-the-scenes and production tours at festivals and studios.

Exclusive Merch

Become the envy of your crew. Sport your GRAMMY U gear with pride!



Get to know your GRAMMY U Reps

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