Artificial Intelligence at the Recording Academy

As the organization behind the annual GRAMMY Awards, music’s only peer-recognized accolade, the Academy is committed to celebrating music and protecting the people who create it.

This page is dedicated to providing a central resource for artists, songwriters, studio professionals, and all music creators to find information regarding the Recording Academy’s efforts to safeguard human creativity and help creators navigate the use of artificial intelligence or “AI.”

AI Policy Voices

Technology in Music

Adopting new technology has been key to many artists’ creations and expressions. These are just a few examples of innovations that revolutionized the music industry.

The Vacuum Tube

Known for their characteristic warm sound, vacuum tubes were used in electronic amplifiers prior to the introduction of transistors in the 1950s.

The vacuum tube
Electric Guitar and Amlifier

Electric Guitar and Amplifier

Invented in 1932, electric guitars completely transformed popular music and the industry. These instruments require the use of amplifiers and are frequently used to play jazz, rock, metal, and other genres of music.

The Synthesizer

The synthesizer was originally underestimated as an electronic instrument with limited commercial potential but went on to be used by bands like the Beatles and Rolling Stones. The synthesizer has also become increasingly portable over the decades.

Multitrack Tape Recorder

The Multitrack Tape Recorder

Developed in the 1950s, multitracking revolutionized sound recording. This recording method allows for the separate recording of multiple sound sources simultaneously or separately. These recordings can then be mixed and processed individually.

iPod and MP3 Music Services

After the Walkman and Discman came the iPod, the smallest of these portable music players. Sold by Apple, iPod stored and played thousands of digital MP3 tracks in the palm of one’s hand. Today, consumers can also stream music using MP3 music services.

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