Chapter Board Elections Solicitation Guidelines


Election Dates:

March 24 - 30, 2023

Solicitation Period:

Commences March 20, 2023

Eligible Voters:

Only Recording Academy members within a respective Chapter may vote in their Chapter's Board Elections.

  • Chapter Governors are elected by Chapter's Voting & Professional Members.

  • Chapter Trustees & Officers are elected by Chapter Boards.

  • At-Large Trustees are elected by all Academy Voting & Professional Members.


It is the goal of the Recording Academy to ensure that the Chapter Board election process is conducted in a fair and ethical manner. To maintain a high degree of integrity and transparency, the Recording Academy requires that any and all promotional communications maintain a positive message of collaboration and goodwill within the music community.

Please note that promoting your candidacy is not expected or required. These guidelines have been created for those who would like to promote their candidacy, and to make sure that messaging is accurate and collegial.

Compliance with the following guidelines is mandatory:

  1. Promotional messaging in any form of media must be positive.

  2. Promotional messaging must originate from the candidate’s personal communication channels. Messaging by a candidate’s employer or business is not allowed.

  3. Use accurate Nomenclature.

    Position Names

    Chapter* Governor

    Chapter* President

    Chapter* Vice President

    Chapter* Secretary

    Trustee, National Trustee, or At-Large Trustee

    *The descriptive “Chapter” is not required if “Chapter Board” is also referenced in the same context.


    I am running for a Governor seat on the Recording Academy Atlanta Chapter Board.

    I am running for an Atlanta Chapter Governor seat at the Recording Academy.


    I am running for Governor of the Recording Academy.

    I am running for President of the Recording Academy.

    I am running for Vice President of the Recording Academy.

  4. Hashtag use shall be limited to those approved below:








  • Use of any Recording Academy® or GRAMMY® branded artwork or logos

  • Use of “GRAMMY” or “GRAMMY Award”

  • Use of “Nominated/Nomination” or “elected”

  • Use of any abbreviation of Recording Academy

  • Referencing other candidates in any manner

  • Tagging fellow Recording Academy members


Candidates who fail to adhere to Solicitation Guidelines are subject to immediate removal from the ballot. 

If you have any questions or would like approval of your promotional communications prior to posting, please reach out to your Chapter Executive Director for assistance.